Board of Directors Job Description

Equality Michigan Action Network


ORGANIZATIONAL MISSION:  Equality Michigan’s mission is to achieve full equality and respect for all Michigan residents regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. The organization engages and educates our grassroots members to take action on the issues that matter most to LGBTQ Michiganders.


DIRECTIONS TO APPLY: Send resume and cover letter to


ROLE:  A Member of the Board of Directors for Equality Michigan (a 501(c)3) or Equality Michigan Action Network (a 501(c)4), is directly responsible for the governance, strategic direction, financial resources, and policies to fulfill and further the organizations mission and vision, honoring the community’s confidence and investment.


RESPONSIBLE TO:  The Chair of the Board and members of Equality Michigan.



  • Strong governance experience either in corporate or non-profit
  • Experience on non-profit boards
  • Diverse background in non-profit, government, foundation and/or corporate cultures
  • Strong fundraising prowess in the non-profit arena; candidates with strong documented experience in individual and corporate fundraising, grants and endowments




Planning and Policy:

  • Assure that Equality Michigan stays true to its mission, and that its ongoing activities are current and relevant to long-term mission- and vision-driven goals.
  • Participate in long-term and annual planning.
  • Partner with senior organizational leadership to assure that organization is results-driven, using this strategic frame to evaluate outcomes.
  • Create and keep current organizational policies, including fiscal, membership, board governance and other policies, to reflect sound stewardship and provide appropriate direction to staff organizational operations.



  • Assure that Equality Michigan operates in a manner that is fiscally sound, reflecting the organization’s mission- and vision-driven goals.
  • Timely review and understanding of Equality Michigan’s budget and financial reports; participation in annual budget review and approval process.
  • Review compliance with relevant material laws affecting the organization and its programs and operations, such as IRS 990 form requirements.
  • Ensure that published reports properly reflect the operating results and financial condition of the organization.


Fund Development and Ambassadorship

  • Contribute a personally significant annual donation to Equality Michigan (relative to your financial circumstances), donating or raising funds to meet the minimum requirement established by the full board in the Give-Get Policy. The Give-Get Policy and the minimum requirements may be updated from time-to-time by board resolution.
  • Solicit the financial support of others.
  • Work with the Treasurer (or his/her designee) to establish and achieve individual fundraising goals on an annual basis:
    • At the Annual Meeting, each Director is required to make a pledge of money to EQUALITY MICHIGAN in an amount to be determined from time to time by the full Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall give a report to the Executive Committee by December 1st of compliance with this section.
  • Promote Equality Michigan, its mission, vision and accomplishments:
    • at state, regional, and national meetings and events;
    • to your networks;
    • whenever there is opportunity to do so.


Board Self-Governance and Development:

  • Participate in two-hour board meeting (usually scheduled monthly) by in person and/or by conference call, and notify the Board Chair in advance of a rare absence.
  • Participate in an annual retreat, scheduled to maximize board participation.
  • Prepare for Board of Directors meetings by reading material distributed in advance.
  • Serve on at least one committee and actively participate in meetings of the committee.
  • Develop leadership for the organization by identifying and recruiting potential board members and committee members, led by the Board Governance Committee.
  • Participate in Board orientation and training activities, and adhere to Board duties and responsibilities.
  • Conduct themselves with professionalism and courtesy in all dealings with other board members, staff, and volunteers. Equality Michigan’s Workplace Violence and Anti-Harassment Policies apply to Directors.
  • Engage in an annual board evaluation.
  • Each Director will hold office for a term of three years.


Support Good Management:

  • Counsel and support the Executive Director as appropriate.
  • Participate in the annual evaluation process of the Executive Director.
  • Be accessible to staff and other Directors as needed.
  • Share resources, talents, and areas of expertise with Board and staff, and provide candid, constructive criticism, advice and comments, as an individual volunteer.
  • Adhere to the staff oversight and management policy on appropriate roles for individual board members, the board as a whole and officers.
  • Monitor results achieved by management as compared with the organization’s mission, as well as annual and long-range goals.



  • To ensure that Equality Michigan programs and services are operated with integrity, and in a manner that merits the trust and support of the public
  • To uphold all applicable laws and regulations, going beyond the letter of the law to protect and enhance Equality Michigan’s ability to accomplish its mission
  • To be a responsible steward of Equality Michigan resources
  • To take no actions for personal benefit at the unwarranted expense of Equality Michigan, avoiding even the appearance of conflict of interest, adhering to the organization’s policy and governing law.
  • To hold in confidence any privileged information given to Board members and the identity of participants in Board discussions.
  • To consider the public perception of personal and professional actions and their potential impact on Equality Michigan and its reputation.
  • To strive to improve the effectiveness of Equality Michigan board and its individual members.
  • To respect the boundaries in scope and tasks between Equality Michigan board and its professional staff in operational management.

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