We are working tirelessly to promote our endorsed candidates, who support our advocacy efforts for bills and legislation that that fulfill the unmet needs of our community.

It’s imperative that we:

  • Pass legislation to advance LGBT civil rights.
  • Guarantee access to healthcare for all LGBT people.
  • Protect the LGBT community from discriminatory legislation.
  • Elect pro-equality candidates at all levels of government.

Become a member of Equality Michigan Action Network and stand shoulder to shoulder with us at the front lines of these fights. As a member you can directly support pro-equality candidates, help to elect our board members, and serve as a Equality Michigan Action Network ambassador in your community.

To make a donation offline, please contact us at 313.537.7000 or email communications@equalitymi.org.


Donations to the Equality Michigan Action Network support our advocacy for laws and legislative bills that address the needs of our community and, as such, are not legally tax-deductible. To make a tax-deductible donation to our victim services and education work, please visit www.equalitymi.org/donate.