LGBT Human Rights Protections: Where Are You Covered In Michigan?

EQMI-new-logo-verticalIn light of the recent wins in Howell and Portage, Michigan, respectively, we thought it important to provide an updated list of jurisdictions offering basic human rights protections from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in their area. Collectively, these ordinances cover just shy of 2.2 million residents out of an estimated 9.9 million Michiganders, leaving the vast majority of Michigan residents without these invaluable human rights protections in the majority of the state. Clearly, this is not acceptable and illustrates how much more there is to do. It also demonstrates an irrefutable need to amend the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act so that it includes protections on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in housing, education, employment, and public accommodations.


Until that battle is won, we’ll continue to partner with colleague organizations, activists, advocates, and politicians around the state to fight the good fight on the state and local level to increase the number of LGBTQ individuals that have legal recourse from discrimination regardless of how they love, how they identify, or how they express their gender. In the meantime, as we close out this year’s bittersweet Gay Pride Month, we celebrate those cities, villages, townships, and other jurisdictions that recognize that love is love, LGBTQ equality is an achievable goal, and that there really should be no place for hate in our state.


A comprehensive listing of where LGBT people have legal protections in 2016, both partial and comprehensive, will follow after the jump.

MI Communities with Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Ordinances*


1. Canton Township

2. City of Adrian

3. City of Albion

4. City of Ann Arbor

5. City of Battle Creek

6. City of Chelsea

7. City of Dearborn Heights

8. City of Detroit

9. City of East Grand Rapids

10. City of East Lansing

11. City of Farmington Hills

12. City of Fenton

13. City of Ferndale

14. City of Grand Rapids

15. City of Howell

16. City of Huntington Woods

17. City of Kalamazoo

18. City of Lansing

19. City of Linden

20. City of Marquette

21. City of Mt. Pleasant

22. City of Muskegon

23. City of Pleasant Ridge

24. City of Portage

25. City of Royal Oak

26. City of Saugatuck

27. City of Southfield

28. City of Trenton

29. City of Wayland

30. City of Ypsilanti

31. Delhi Township

32. Delta Charter Township

33. Kalamazoo Township

34. Lathrup Village

35. Meridian Township

36. Oshtemo Township

37. Saugatuck Township

38. Traverse City

39. Union Township

40. Village of Douglas

*A comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance prohibits discrimination based on both sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in employment, housing, and public accommodations.


Michigan Communities Providing Partial Protection


1. Bay City – SOGI, but only housing.

2. City of Birmingham – Sexual orientation only; Housing only.

3. City of Flint – SOGI, but housing and public accommodations only.

4.┬áCity of Grand Ledge – Sexual orientation only.

5. City of Saginaw – Sexual orientation only; Housing only.

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