Take Action to End Housing and Workplace Discrimination in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, LGBT individuals can be discriminated against by landlords and employers, and there aren’t any laws to prevent it. Members of the LGBT community can be fired, charged hire rent, or denied housing, simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


This isn’t about special rights, or preferential treatment, it’s about ensuring that every Michigan resident has the same right to live, work, and raise a family.


+ 20 states have laws preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation, and 13 also prohibit discrimination based on gender identification.


+ 77% of Michigan residents support discrimination protection for LGBT individuals.


+ Many of Michigan’s most successful companies (Herman Miller, Ford, Chrysler, Kellogg, and GM, just to name a few) have anti-discrimination policies, but far too many workplaces do not.


+Michigan’s economy has faced a lot of hits over the past decade. More inclusive policies would encourage businesses and skilled workers to choose Michigan.


Click here to take action against housing and workplace discrimination now!

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