Equality Michigan Reacts to Trump Administration Action on the Rights of Transgender Students

Detroit, MI — February 22, 2017 — Today, President Trump broke his promise to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community by rescinding federal guidance outlining the rights of transgender students at schools. By undermining established policies that successfully protect children from discrimination and harassment, the President’s action sends a message to transgender students that, in the eyes of the government, they are not welcome in their schools and are not worthy of the equal treatment and fairness offered to all other students.


Equality Michigan executive director, Stephanie White stated, “The administration’s action is callous, cruel, and entirely unnecessary. It sends a terrible message to an already vulnerable group of young people. At the same time, it’s important to remember that rescinding this non-binding guidance does nothing to change the federal laws that protect students today. All students, including transgender students, still have access to legal protections under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution and Title IX’s prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex.  Michigan schools, like schools everywhere, must still comply with the law.”

Equality Michigan knows first hand the life-saving power of trans-inclusive policies at school and in our communities.  We will continue our ongoing work with school districts across the state to ensure that students receive the equal education opportunity to which they are entitled, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. And, we will continue to hold districts and officials accountable if they fail to meet their obligation to serve all students equally.

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